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Everything I do is more than a line on a resume. It's personal. Every activity, course, job, internship, and experience becomes a part of me and my life. My portfolio is divided into different parts. Each page goes deep into the specifics of what I've done and what I've taken away from each experience. Have questions? Want to see more? Contact me.

In Dubai for the Geller International Fellowship in 2023



What happens inside of the classroom is only half the story; I've had the honour of attending selective conferences across the country where I've been able to delve into my interests. These experiences have made meaningful contributions to my interests in communications, history, and constitutional law. Visit my special experiences page to learn more.


Franklin Hall, the home of IU's Media School (also my favorite building on campus)



As a student at Indiana University, I pick my courses carefully. I spend hours choosing my courses, in order to find selections that will not only fulfill my degree requirements but also reinforce the skills I need for the future. One thing is for certain: my path at IU is unique. Visit my coursework page to learn why.

in front of the government accountability office headquarters, the site of one of my internships



Someone once told me there are three important things you need if you want to get a job in any industry: internships, internships, and internships. I take great pride in how seriously I take my internships, so much so that my first internship came before I even graduated from high school. See more about what I've done at each of my internships.


In front of Belmont University, reporting from the site of the 2020 presidential debate in Nashville, TN



News articles from my time at the Indiana Daily Student. The Supreme Court writings on my blog. Voiced news segments at a major National Public Radio affiliate. Find it all on my journalism work samples page. You can see how I write, how I design layouts, and how I speak. 

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