I've chosen my path at IU carefully. I have picked a curriculum that takes a deep dive into my (many) interests, but also will allow me to acquire the skills needed for any career. It's all part of my 1-2-3-4 Plan at IU:

1 Minor.

2 Certificates and Notations.

3 Majors.

4 Years.

Four years. One path.



Minor in Urban Planning and Development



Majors in journalism (with a concentration in public relations), political science, and economics.


Certificates and notations

The Liberal Arts and Management Program's business certificate and the Hutton Honors College Notation



HON-H 241

Heuristics and COGNITIVE biases

College: Hutton Honors College

Department: Cognitive Science

Term: Fall 2020

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Our brains are extremely powerful. Humans are forced to take in an extreme number of inputs at one time, by the very nature that our world moves so fast. It's astonishing how fast our brains work; however, it has its drawbacks. This class taught about the dark side of our brain's quick, effortless movements called "heuristics."

MY WORK: I took this class because it allowed me to explore my interest in social media and journalism in the context of cognitive science. I presented my term paper at the Hutton Honors College's research symposium in April 2021, and it is in the works to be published.


Why I chose IU

There are so many reasons. Here's one:


It's just far enough away from my parent's house.

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Full schedule of coursework

FALL 2020

21 Credits. 7 courses.
  1. Honours Seminar in Journalism

  2. Media 101 for Honours

  3. Heuristics and Biases (Honours Seminar)

  4. Visual Communications

  5. Introduction to Modern Hebrew I

  6. Political Analysis

  7. PR Officers and the Press