Looking for my next
to change other
people's lives.

A little about ME

I am a first-year student at Indiana University. I entered the university's Media School as a part of the Ernie Pyle Scholars program, their prestigious journalism honors cohort. Pursuing the Honors Notation in the Indiana University Hutton Honors College, I will triple major in journalism, political science, and economics.  Growing up outside of Washington D.C., I am an avid follower of government and politics. I took that love and restarted my upper school's newspaper and worked on all the publications there. I worked as an intern at a public radio station. I also write, record, and produce podcasts. Prior to entering Indiana University, I was a student at Park Tudor School, an independent school in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I'm a journalist.

I'm a communicator.

But I still love the Oxford comma.

Writing  Graphic Design  Journalism/Communications
Leadership  Public Relations

Event Management  Social Media

Presentation  Coding/Software Design

Spreadsheets  Strategic Planning

write, read, Lead. repeat.

My Philosophy

If you asked me to choose a quality I believe every person needs, leadership would be my answer. Being a leader means that you are able to participate in civil discourse, educate and inspire others, all while continuing to get critical work done. Leaders need these skills. Throughout my life, I have made the phrase "Write, Read, Lead," my top priority. Writing is a skill that all should learn. For centuries, writers have influenced our minds, inspiring us to learn and go farther. Through journalism, writing allows me to inform, not only to tell people about the news, but to influence a conversation. Reading is the only true way to be exposed to entirely new ideas. By reading daily, leaders can stay more informed and educated on the day's events. Without reading, leaders are less likely to hear new ideas, cutting themselves off from a valuable trait that all leaders need. The ability to lead is scarce in today's environment. As a part of a generation that spends more time on their phones than they do talking to others, leadership is becoming a scarce trait. Nevertheless, there will always be a demand for those who can get things done.

THis is what I do.

As an Al Neuharth Free Spirit Scholar of Journalism, a student at Indiana University, and a former reporter with WFYI Radio Indianapolis, I maintain a heavy schedule. Check out some of my interests and activities below.