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Paper: 15 Seconds to Pitch (The Effect of the MLB Pitch Clock)

A batter faces a pitch at Nationals Park in Washington DC (Photo Credit: Grant Thomas, Unsplash)

After testing a pitch clock in the minor leagues, Major League Baseball debuted a pitch clock at the beginning of the season. Now that we are hovering around the midpoint of the 2023 MLB season, I thought it would be time to review the statistics sheets of pitchers and batters to determine what effect the pitch clock is having.

In this paper, titled "15 Seconds to Pitch," I review the statistics and run tests on each statistic to determine if it is statistically significant. You can download the paper below to view the results.

15 Seconds to Pitch
Download • 178KB

Questions? Comments? Disagree with my methods? I want to hear about it! Contact me.


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